Addicted to Stationery

I have always loved stationery. Anything from pencils to paper to erasers. I remember sitting on the floor in my room when I was a little girl, lining up all of my books around me and sitting in the middle, writing. Writing with pens I found around the house and pretending to fill out imaginary forms. I just knew that I liked to be surrounded by what I called "school stuff" and teaching my imaginary students.
Fast forward to my adult life and back to school is still my favorite time of year. Despite having no children of my own, I still shop for myself during this time and I am not ashamed. At all!!
I have always told my husband that when I retire, I will open a stationery store and just sit there all day. His question, "Do you plan on selling anything?" I hadn't thought that far. lol
So there you have it. I am just a lover of all things stationery who just couldn't wait for retirement to be surrounded by all of the things I love and to share them with you.