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A6 Rainbow Custom Birthday Vellum Cash Envelope

A6 Rainbow Custom Birthday Vellum Cash Envelope

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Want to save money for your special day? These cash envelopes combine simplicity with a fun, colorful touch. Use this envelope to hold the cash you are stashing away for yourself

4" x 7" (hole punched)

5 MIL Matte Laminated

Clear Vellum

Please list your birthday in the custom info field. The calendar can either reflect:

  • the calendar for the year you were born or
  • the calendar for a specific year

Please specify this by putting the year as well. For example, 1971 or 2025.

Envelopes are made individually by hand. Therefore, there may be imperfections, but we strive to provide a quality product.

Due to the custom nature of this product, refunds cannot be issued.

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