About us

I have always loved stationery. Anything from pencils to paper to erasers. I remember sitting on the floor in my room when I was a little girl, lining all of my books around me, and sitting in the middle, writing. Writing with pens I found around the house and pretending to fill out imaginary forms. I just knew that I liked to be surrounded by what I called “school stuff”.

Fast forward to my adult life and back to school is still my favorite time of year. Despite having no children of my own, I still shop for myself during this time, and I am not ashamed. At all!!

I have always told my husband that when I retire, I will open a stationery store and just sit there all day. His question, “Do you plan on selling anything?” I hadn’t thought that far. lol.

Fast forward again. Here we are moorestationery.com.

So there you have it. I am just a lover of all things stationery who just couldn’t wait for retirement to be surrounded by all things I love.

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